June 01, 2014

Nine Months Old!

Annie is nine months old ! (Well closer to 10 months actually but I'm so behind in my posting at the moment!) That means she has been out longer than she was in. (She actually arriving at 39 weeks!) I continue to be amazed about how much her little personality shines everyday. She is constantly smiling at everything and everyone and is a cheeky little thing! We love you so much Annie Manny.

This month Annie :

  • Is crawling! She started a few days before she turned nine months (and three days before we went on holiday!) 
  • Speaking of holidays we went on her first trip abroad to Soller in Mallorca with Granny and Grandad. She absolutely loved it and she was so happy every day!
  • Had her first taste of chocolate at Easter and unsurprisingly (like her mummy) loved it!
  • Has three teeth - the two bottom ones and one at the top now and is suffering with teething hence the dribble and runny nose in this picture!
  • Loves to play peekaboo!
  • Can say dada, baba and lots of sounds and squeals.
  • Is obsessed with books especially if they have flaps she can open. 
  • Gained her Level 1 certificate in swimming!

What a busy month!

Rachie xo

PS: Sorry about the bad quality photo but the chair is in the lounge at the moment whilst we are redecorating!!

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