April 28, 2014

Eight Months Old!

Annie is eight months - only one more month until she has been out as long as she was in my tummy! Insane! We are seeing more and more of her personality now and she is such a sociable little thing! (This post is slightly belated as she is actually closer to 9 months but hey ho!)


This month Annie:

  • Now has two teeth which is making eating much easier. Favourite foods are currently pasta bolognese and broccoli pasta with cheese.  She has an amber anket to help with teething which I think is helping. 
  • Is making lots of sounds ! Especially Daddy! (not sure if there is any association with the word yet though!)
  • Is shuffling and attempting to crawl.
  • Had a day out in London 
  • Bought mummy a lovely card and Chloe wallet for Mothers day! (With daddy's help of course!)

Happy Monday!

Rachie xo

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