March 28, 2014

Living Room Moodboard !

I've been trying to collect my thoughts on the re-decoration of the living room for a few weeks now and I'm not sure I'm quite there yet.  We've actually had the sofas delivered and already they look SO much better in the room (not being brown helps!) 

Anyway the things we have figured out are:
  • Wooden flooring - probably oak. Unsure of the colour yet but leaning towards a lighter colour I think. 
  • Shutters/blinds on the windows. We have these in the rest of the house and I love them and they will cover up the windows (that we are not yet ready to replace) nicely!
  • Some sort of rug - Probably a blue/grey colour.
  • Some kind of greenery in the form of house plants. I feel like this is lacking at the moment. 

What we are unsure about:
  • What kind of coffee table if any?  With Annie progressing to walking I'm not sure if we should keep some space for her to toddle. 
  • What colour on the walls? If we go with blue -what colour?
  • Lighting - would we want a free standing lamp or side lamps?

What do you think? Any suggestions?  We are open to them!

Rachie xo

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