March 10, 2014

House and garden update.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm aware that I have been MIA lately. Life sometimes just takes over and with the demands of a seven month old its sometimes hard to find the time or energy to blog!

Anyway lots happening on the home front at the moment! The back of our garden (which has a lot of use-able space) has been used as a bit of a dumping ground recently so we made the decision to get someone in to tidy and flatten it so that in the future it can be used for Annie's toys and a vegetable garden.  We're also having a bit of a tidy up in the front garden which has been sorely neglected over the past year. I should have pictures to show you in the next couple of weeks.Whoop!

This weekend we also bought a table and chairs for the decking (remember that - long overdue!) and its being delivered on Thursday. We went with this classic set from Homebase which matches the wood and it was on sale too. I'll style it up with some fun homeware to make it pretty! What with the hubs being the BBQ king I know we'll get loads of use out of it and I'm glad we opted for six seater too so we can have friends and family round. Fingers crossed for a hot summer as I feel like I kind of missed it last year what with being so heavily pregnant.

We're also in the process of getting quotes to redecorate the living room and hallway. I've talked about this before but this time we really are doing it over the next six months!!  I've started a Pinterest board to collect ideas and we've bought two three seater sofas to replace our (frankly hideous) ones that we bought second hand to tide us over when we moved in three years ago!! I don't think we ever thought we would still be sitting on them but hey that's life! Thank goodness we have new ones coming! We chose the MIRA sofa from DFS (Again I never thought this was where we would buy our sofas but the price was right and they were what we were looking for!) I wont be pairing them with those cushions below though as the proportions are totally wrong - don't you think? We also opted for fabric buttons instead of the (admittedly fun) coloured ones just for blending purposes. I like the clean lines and the retro feel which we hope to emulate for the room.


Anyway that's all for now.

Rachie xo 

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