February 26, 2014

Six Months Old!

Annie is six months - half a year already!! I know everyone says time flies but honestly - where has that little newborn gone? However its so amazing to see her little personality develop. Six months is a seriously cute age!

This month Annie..

  • Is sitting up confidently. She loves sitting on the playmat and playing with her toys. 
  • Has more hair - its growing fast and is a sandy blondy brown colour. 
  • Has started eating solids and her current favourite is butternut squash...
  • Loves to look around whilst siting upright in the pram. She is defintely inquisitive.
  • Laughs, babbles and smiles all the time. 
  • Is on the 25th percentile for weight and the 75th for height. Tall and skinny like her daddy!
  • Celebrated her first valentines day and made daddy a sweet card!
Happy Wednesday !
Rachie xo

1 lovely comments:

Teresa said...

Next month she seems capable of taking her own Selfie, Mum.
So Sweet and Allert.
Somehow no longer Mum this, Dad That but a Beautiful Annie!