January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tales from the Week.

We are nearly at the end of January already! Where did that time go? I'm quite enjoying the slower pace of life that being on maternity leave brings. My days at the moment are filled with baby groups, country walks and we have just started feeding little Annie! Its also filled with sleepless nights (!) but that's another story! Hee Hee.

Here's what I got up to this week.

  • Took a trip into Soho to see my good friend Will for dinner and admired these fab lights on Oxford Streets - a bit like huge snowballs falling.
  • We went to see the ducks on a cold winters day and Annie went on a swing for the first time!
  • I'm continuing my healthy eating regime and have introduced almond milk on my cereal in the morning. Its much nicer then I thought it would be!
  • Finally we had a lovely Sunday lunch with the family at Loch Fyne. Mussels and champagne - yum!

Happy Tuesday!

Rachie xo

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