January 27, 2014

Chinese New Year Inspiration

Its Chinese new year this Friday 31st - the year of the horse and according to legend the Horse is a symbol of travelling, as well a sign of speedy success because it can give individuals a ride to their destination! I'm a big fan of Chinese food and as you know love a theme so i thought I would put together a few ideas if you are planning an impromptu celebration!
  • The Chinese consider red as their lucky colour so any celebration features red in abundance! Perhaps you have a few red napkins left over from Christmas or red candles that you can dig out. 
  • Consider using orchids or bamboo as a centre piece.
  • Use Chinese takeout cartons or mini bowls (as below) and chopsticks on each place . 
  • A cute favour would be a little horse figure sprayed silver or gold. 
  • I love the idea of using glitter dipped fortune cookies and these mini umbrella name places. 
  • Make Chinese lanterns - Here are a number of great tutorials!
  • Serve traditional food or get a takeaway!

Or download these fab printables from Birds Party here.  

I hope I have inspired you to get your friends over for a Chinese new year celebration this weekend! Check out more inspiration on my Pinterest board.
Happy Monday!

Rachie xo

1 lovely comments:

Geraldine@littlebigbell said...

Great post Rachie! Liking that idea of glitter dipped fortune cookies. We're so excited to celebrate as a family. It's like Christmas again for the kids. x