December 11, 2013

Four months old!

Time is flying!  We love her more and more each day as her little personality develops!

This month she...
  • Took her first black cab ride.
  • Started Monkey Music Classes
  • Progressed to the push chair seat of the pram.
  • Weighed 12lb 7.5oz at 16 weeks
  • Took her first holiday to Sussex and saw the seaside for the first time.
  • Attended her cousins Oscars 1st birthday party.
  • Took her first trip into central London with mummy.
  • Is able to hold and shake a rattle
  • Loves mummy singing songs to her. Row Row Row your boat is her favourite. 
Happy Wednesday!

Rachie xo

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Hello said...

She is so sweet, sound alike a busy little lady x