December 19, 2013

DIY : Personalised Christmas Bauble

Here's a cute DIY for you if you are looking for some new Christmas ornaments or a quick gift for someone special. Why not make your own personalised Christmas bauble? Its super easy but I love how it looks!

A Chi Chi Affair
 Here's how I made mine.

First up you need:

Plain bauble : I bought mine for Wilko.
Stick Glue
Blue Tak

A Chi Chi Affair
Draw or print out a letter.  I'm using the letter A for my daughters name Annie. Cut it out carefully to make a stencil and stick it to the bauble using the blu tak. You need to be careful to stick it down carefully and close to the bauble so the glitter cant seep through the sides and you get a clean line.

A Chi Chi Affair 
Cover the template with the glue stick being careful that it spreads evenly and pour on the glitter.

A Chi Chi Affair 
Tap off the excess glitter and leave to dry. Then carefully peel of the backing paper and you should be left with the glitter letter!

A Chi Chi Affair
Fill with your sequins and fasten on your twine so that you can hang it on your tree!

A Chi Chi Affair. 
A Chi Chi Affair 
Why not make one for your entire family!

Rachie xo

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