November 14, 2013

Three Months Old!

We survived the first three months unscathed! YAY!

A Chi Chi Affair

This month she:
  • Started to gurgle and make sounds.
  • Now smiles all the time!
  • Is able to hold a small object and started to interact with her toys.
  • Went to a firework display and wasn't phased by the bangs!
  • Stayed with Nanny and granddad whilst mummy and daddy went out for their first night out post baby!
  • Started to sleep much better and normally now only wakes up once in the night. Long may that continue!

Rachie xo


2 lovely comments:

JPandRose said...

Ah she looks so pretty in her dungarees - tres stylish!! And yey for nearly sleeping through the night…the sleepless nights are something I am not looking forward to come Feb!xxx

Teresa said...

Do you think a girl who still has to know her hair would be phased with fireworks?!?! ahahahah
She looks too sweet and already so fashionable in her dungarees and pink hinting everywhere :).
Growing Lovely and so Blessed.
So are you. Her eyes say "I Love U" all over.
Thank you for sharing,