November 01, 2013

Friday Home: Thinking about Home renovations

We have almost finished the upstairs of our house (Our bedroom, Annie's room and the bathroom) so my attention has turned to the downstairs where we have a lounge, study and kitchen/diner. We're unsure as to whether this will be our forever house and therefore the kitchen/diner is the room that needs the least work so will be done last! (If at all if we sell!)  However this doesn't stop me dreaming about what this room could be...   At the moment the kitchen and dining room have been knocked through and its a good sized space (In fact its one of the big reasons we bought the house) but our neighbours have just announced they are extending out the back to create a larger kitchen and it got me thinking how nice the room would be if we did the same.

In a dream world the extension would be like a sun room. It would have patio doors to our outside decking so you could see out into the garden and windows with blinds by the company VELUX® in the roof, so you could alter the amount of light being let in. It would be light and airy in the summer when the sunshine would stream in and dark and cosy in the winter. Check out the VELUX webshop for details. It would be a place where Annie and any brothers or sisters could play and we could keep all her toys there! Maybe we would have an informal eating area to shelter from the rain when we have impromptu BBQ's and definitely some comfy sofas to relax with friends and chat into the night,  Have a look at the stunning pictures I found below...

Have you got any renovations planned?

Rachie xo

PS: This is a sponsored post by VELUX but as ever if I didn't think you would be interested then I wouldn't post! (And our neighbour really is planning to extend!)

2 lovely comments:

Teresa said...

I never seem to plan anything forthis time of the year... getting ready for Christmas probably takes all my energy and wishfulness.
This is an amazing post that could make me rethink that attitude.
We have Velux in the attic - we transformed it to be our older son's bedroom but last Summer he exchanged with sister and she is there (in heaven thinking I won't go up to check on the mess ahahahah).
I'm going to take advantage of the link you provided to check their blackout blinds. She's been complaining there's too much light in the morning or when she wants to watch a movie.
Thank you, Rach! Go for it! kids love those up-in-the-sky spaces.
Have a wonderful week,

Dan Rizzi said...

Sun rooms are a good idea. A little bit more color at the walls can be a nice help. Hues that would complement the yellows and orange of sunlight, from dusk 'til dawn. But yeah, who doesn't love a sunroom!

Dan @ IPQ Construction