October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tales from the week!

Friends, country walks, and eating lots of cake was the general sum up of this week as we head into the depths of Autumn. I've been enjoying the last of the mild weather (I think!) before I dig out my winter coat and boots and the temperatures plummet.

Here's what else I have been up to....
  • Being visited by the lovely Will who met Baby Annie for the first time. I love this picture! It was so good to catch up (and he brought an amazing apricot frangipani dessert!)
  • We are really enjoying our baby sensory classes at the moment!
  • Deciding on my which Christmas decorations to pick...
  • Burgers with the hubs at Byron. The new le Smokey burger was delicious!
  • Country walks in the sunshine

Will Taylor

A Chi Chi Affair

Happy Tuesday!

Rachie xo


2 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Cute snap of you and Annie at class - I bet she loved that huge blow up pumpkin! Now she can picture it when you read the Halloween book to her! ;) x

Teresa said...

Is this the Will who had an "avatar" in some Space Suit?! Geez, there's life and handsomeness underneath ahahaha. Nice blog too. (going to get lost there while waiting for Annie's George to make first appearance) Annie has a magical touch, Will even got rid of the avatar ;) ahahahah

She looks lovely but then she always does... one hint, skip the pumpkin for christmas decor as she doesn't look that impressend - a gal of great taste that's our Annie :).

In what store is that amazing display? We're running low on Christmas decor inspiration in my Country :( we weren't big before but with the Crisis the Scrouge hit it seems... I'm going Silvery this year. If I had a Annie I'd go pinkish with baby accents - it's HER first Christmas after all. And that lovely Bambi for the fireplace... or anywhere else.

Happy Autumn, Dear R!