October 09, 2013

My Autumn Style !

Happy Wednesday all!

Autumn is definitely my favourite season for clothes and I've been updating my wardrobe over the past few weeks with a few new season finds that I thought I would share with you!

I needed a everyday bag to wear alongside all the baby stuff and purchased this mid sized messenger bag from Zara, perfect for my purse, phone and a few other essentials that I don't want to lose in the mountain of baby items required to take out with you!

I was also after some shoes to run around it and I spied these cute wedge heeled trainers from H&M which were super cheap (and I got a 30% discount!)   They are actually very comfy and I can see myself wearing them all the time this Autumn. I like the gold stud detailing!

My sister in law has just started selling Stella and Dot jewellery and I couldn't resist the renegade cluster bracelet that I have been eyeing for ages. (Well actually the hubs bought it for me!!)

I purchased these grey leggings from Mint Velvet when I was pregnant thinking I would get into them. No such luck then but I am living in them now - slightly more structured than regular leggings and smarter, they are actually really flattering to my post pregnancy figure.

More new season finds soon!

Rachie xo

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