September 23, 2013

One Month Old!

Happy Monday all!

I took this picture when Annie was one month as I'm going to try and document how much she has grown on the blog. I'm a little late posting actually as she is nearly 7 weeks now! (Its hard to find time!) but I figure better late than never! Here she is!

A Chi Chi Affair
At one month old I feel like we are really getting to know her now, working out her cries and trying to find some semblance of a routine. We have been on her first longish (2 hour) car journey to visit my parents (Annie's Nanny and Granddad) and stayed away from home for the first time. We have celebrated Daddy's 35th birthday with a BBQ and met all her cousins.  We still don't know whether her eyes will be brown (like daddy's) or blue (like mine!)

Happy Thursday!

Rachie xo

3 lovely comments:

M-J said...

She cannot be 7 weeks old already?! Blimey! What a cute way to document her growth, I've seen (on pinterest) a frame with all 12 month pictures for a first birthday and it looks really good. She's mega cute!

Victoria said...

Stop growing up so fast Annie!!! She's so adorable xxxx

Teresa said...

And already worried if here lovely outfit wouldn't clash with Mum's posh pillow ;).
Too adorable. So you and dear husband. Well done Guys!!!!
Enjoy her, your time and the lovely life you're creating.
And thank you for sharing,