September 26, 2013

My Pregnancy Essentials !

Following on from my last post on this about clothes I thought I would share with you what I would consider to be pregnancy essentials. These things just made everything a little bit easier!

1. Dream Genii pillow - Seriously this was a god send when at around 20 weeks I started to find sleeping a little difficult. It makes it way more comfortable. In fact I'm still using it now to help with breast feeding so its an investment purchase! It may look a little strange but trust me it works!

2.  Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil was the oil with the best reviews to beat stretchmark's as recommended by Victoria Beckham! (Love a celeb endorsement!) Actually I still got a few on my lower belly but I think that might have been where I missed a few spots when rubbing it in. Its an oil but isn't greasy and left my skin feeling moisturised.

3. Baby on board badge. I was commuting in London up until 37 weeks and the badge just reminded people that you need a seat as its gets very crowded! This was a god send especially in that in-between stage where people aren't sure that you are pregnant. My final trimester fell in the hot summer on non air conditioned trains!  Definitely get one if you have to commute ! .

A Chi Chi Affair

Next week - Books and App's that I found useful!

Happy Thursday!
Rachie xo

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