September 12, 2013

My Pregnancy essentials : Clothes

I meant to write this post late in pregnancy when I was still on maternity leave but I left it a bit late and Annie arrived at 39 weeks!! Anyway I still think its a relevant post for any of you that are planning a pregnancy! I'm going to split this into a few posts, clothes, random items and then books and apps. For any of you mums feel free to chip in with things you may have found useful to you!

First up clothes!  I really enjoyed dressing the bump and didn't really tire of my maternity wardrobe at all! Its much more challenging dressing for breastfeeding with weight still to lose I think!  For the most part I went with form fitting clothes that showed off the bump as it just looked more flattering than covering everything up. Here are my top purchases...

1. I loved the Isabella Oliver Cap scoop tops which were so easy to wear and good to layer with cardigans too. I had three, a khaki one, black v neck one and a grey one and they are stretchy enough to still wear post pregnancy which is good.

2. Trousers with an elasticated waist: Luckily for me these were all over the shops this spring and summer and I had a couple of pairs, one from Primark and one from Zara that saw a lot of wear! I wore them under the bump and just sized up as I couldn't find any maternity ones. Again I'm still wearing these now!

3. I originally had some Gap maternity jeans and although they were a really nice fit they wore out so quickly between the legs (this may be just me!!) so in the end I went with some Topshop Leigh ones which were quite stretchy and a nice fit.

4. Black maxi dress - Mine was from New Look and wasn't maternity and I literally wore this all the time in pregnancy. In fact I wore it to the hospital when I was induced and it was so quick I ended up giving birth in it!!

So that's my round up! Do let me know what you think and if you have any other good ideas!

Rachie xo

2 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Great tips no doubt, hun - you always looked super chic when I saw you during your pregnancy. Big hugs xxx

Jennifer O said...

I swear by H&M over the bump jeans, which saw me thru the first 6 months of breast feeding too! Also the do fab long line vest tops which I used to layer up. I also love body suits for wearing with 'normal' jeans as they stop any tummy bulge rolling over the top of the waist band! Also I swear by boob tubes, pulled down so it covers your tummy and covers the waist band in trousers worn underneath your clothes it's brill for hiding a wibbly tum tum x