July 17, 2013

Tuesday tales on Wednesday!

It is hot hot hot in the UK at the moment and we are sweltering! I don't like to complain though (even though I am 36 weeks pregnant!) because this kind of weather doesn't come about too often!!! 

Here's what I am got up to this week!
  • Celebrating a good friends birthday at the Tooting Lido! Okay I didn't swim as I didn't fancy wearing a swim suit at this point in pregnancy but everyone else did!!
  • Lunch on Saturday in the sunshine
  • Little girls in our road selling cherries they had picked in their garden - I couldn't resist buying some!
  • Meeting these two handsome men for dinner on the Southbank where we gorged on summer meringues!
  • Will gifted me this gorgeous lantern which looks lovely on the decking! Thank you!

A Chi Chi Affair

Happy Wednesday!

Rachie xo

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