July 24, 2013

Summer Cleaning whilst on Maternity Leave !

Hi all!

Now I'm on maternity leave I have a big list of things to do and lots of them include cleaning, sorting and getting things in order for the new arrival! So I thought I would let you know the jobs that I have on my list just in case some of you have any tips for me!


  • Clean the Oven. As we all know this is a horrible job and one that I didn't particularly want to do especially being pregnant with all those fumes. Luckily I found a Groupon voucher (£30) which meant that someone could come in and do this for me. I'm taking full advantage! Is it bad that I'm excited?

  • Organise the kitchen cupboards.  You know those American shows where they have all the cereals lined up in those plastic containers - Yep I want that! I also need to re-arrange where everything goes as I'm sure having three different cupboards for wine glasses, tumblers and coffee mugs is pretty much a waste of space!!  I need to throw away all those jars and bottles that are probably past their use by date too!  I'm channelling Cassie at Hi Sugarplum in this great post!

  • Clean out the fridge - Another job where I am totally cheating and getting someone in to do this! I just don't fancy scrubbing out the horrible stains and it will be much more manageable once it has been blitzed by a pro.

  • Sort out my wardrobe and drawers - I didn't even get out any of my summer clothes this year because I am mostly in maternity so I'm left with a wardrobe full of heavy knits that I'm  not going to be wearing for a few months either. I need to re-arrange and pull out the clothes that I'm realistically going to be able to wear over the next few months and give a whole load of old stuff to the charity shop! Oh and I also bought some of these from Amazon to store shoes under the bed which I thought would be a space saver.

  • Wash all the babies clothes - self explanatory but something I still need to do before she arrives!
If anyone can think of anything else or have any tips then do pass them my way and you can get more organising tips on this great Home Organisation Board on Pinterest.

Happy Cleaning!

Rachie xo

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Sounds like you have your hands full! Love getting the house in shape and organising the kitchen cupboards is a must for me. I do it a couple of times every year but trying this time to keep it organised for as long as I can! xxx