June 20, 2013

I am coveting... Mummy and Me!

Ooh well I'm actually coveting lots at the moment as the sales have started! However I have sworn that I am not allowed to buy any clothes in my pre-pregnancy sizes yet as its just too soon!  I'm sure I wont be able to wear them for a long time!! Its still all about maternity clothes for me!!

So on that note my friend sent me a link to this gorgeous maternity dress from La Robe Bleue via Etsy. Oh how I wish someone had told me about this range earlier on in my pregnancy so I'm sharing it in the hope that you might find it useful! I love the interesting shape and the stripe! Lovely for summer and it would take you into Autumn with leggings too! Find it here.


Baby Girl is coveting this super cute Mrs Fox toy! (Actually she isn't coveting it as my sister gifted it to her soon to be niece this week) so its waiting in the nursery ready for the new arrival! She actually bought one for her little boy due a few weeks after me so the little cousins can have matching soft toys! Super cute! Find it here by Little Ella James at Not on the High Street.


Happy Thursday!

Rachie xo

2 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Oh my goodness this is TOO cute. I'm so excited for her to arrive so that I can have an excuse to buy adorable children's toys for her to play with! :) xxx

V-Dubz said...

Yey! My clothing suggestion has made it to your blog - I feel honoured and i'm only sorry I didn't see it and send it to you ages ago so that we could have seen you wearing it. Maybe you could buy just one more outfit... ;)