May 03, 2013

Friday Home: Nursery Inspiration!

We are in the midst of decorating the nursery for our new arrival at the moment so I thought I would show you a few ideas that I have been mostly collecting on my Pinterest Page.

The room was horrendous when we moved in with a blue carpet and cream walls with textured lining paper and a sludgy pink picture rail! It basically needed a big pick me up as it just felt so dark and we had just never got round to it! We want babies room to be clean, fresh and inviting so for now we have settled on crisp white walls and a neutral carpet and I thought I could brighten this up with pops of colour in the curtains, rug and furniture!  Here are my inspiration pictures so far!


 The room has a fireplace so I like this idea!


 I definitely want to do a space where baby can get creative!


I love this artwork to hang on the walls by Somebody Elses Project and Rifle Paper Co!

More details to come soon!

Rachie xo

4 lovely comments:

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Love your nursery inspirations! It will be fabulous... so exciting!

Kimberly Hughes said...

Love that fireplace full of teddies! So cute :) xxx

Chalkboards said...

The room where the baby can get creative is the best idea! I also want that for my babies, a whole room where they can do whatever comes to their mind.

rssmith said...

Great ideas, love the creative baby room.