March 07, 2013

New series- I am coveting...Whistles Monogram Clutch

I am a big list maker and one I the things I tend to do is make lists of nice things I find around the internet and in magazines that I would like to buy in the future. I've been after a classic black clutch bag for ages and these monogrammed clutches from one of my fave shops Whistles are released in a few weeks and I have a feeling I may need to be quick off the mark ! I just love them! I can't wait!



Happy Thursday!

Rachie xo

2 lovely comments:

Teresa said...

Too lovely.
I covet everything monogrammed in fact, wether in decor or personal accessories - for me it's the spythome of luxury, even in the simple object.
Thank you for sharing,

Going to check the link and learn the conditions. Go for it, Rachie!

Kimberly Hughes said...

Oooh these are so pretty!! Lovely find :) x