March 18, 2013

Mexican Themed 30th Birthday Party

Happy Monday all! Sorry about the lack of posts last week I was totally drowning at work so just did not have time to check in! Lots of lovely posts to come this week though so stay tuned!! 

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I am completely dreaming of sunny weather at the moment. Its been dire here, cold and rainy and just when I think Spring is around the corner we get anther dull day! So I have chosen the brightest party I can find - this fabulous Mexican themed 30th birthday party from The Pretty Blog to cheer us all up!!

I adore the green striped table runner with the yellow napkins, the beautiful bright blooms in shades of orange and pink. The bright fabric strewn across the hay bales. Its all just fun and beautiful and really cheers me up!  For more pictures do click over to The Pretty Blog.

Love Rachie xo

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