February 05, 2013

Tuesday Tales from the Week!

Well apart from being busy at work the weekend was rather relaxing which was a welcome change! The weather is definitely turning cold again though! Here is what I got up to this week....
  • Dim sum at Ping Pong on the Southbank with the hubs! Yum!
  • I love the views over the Golden Jubilee Bridge which connects the Southbank to Embankment. Can you spot St Pauls and the new Shard in the distance?
  • Dinner on Saturday morning at The Lighthouse in Wimbledon with a great friend. We chatted the afternoon away!

A Chi Chi Affair
  •  Sunday was truly relaxing - we went on a long walk and stopped at the pub for some vegetable soup!
A Chi Chi Affair
 Do you like the flowers that my friend Will bought me?  I love tulips and the beautiful blue hyacinth smell divine. More on this soon!

A Chi Chi Affair
Have a happy week!

Rachie xo

3 lovely comments:

Amanda said...

Those flowers are lovely... well chosen Will! That soup looks delicious... I like seeing your wintery pics, such a contrast to our disgusting heat here at the moment. Enjoy the rest of your week x

Kimberly Hughes said...

Looks like a lovely week! If I did a post like this, it'd all be 'then I sat on the internet, then I watched some telly'. No one needs to read that. ;)

It was lovely meeting Will this weekend! He's a sweetheart and obviously has fab taste in flowers as well as everything else ;) xxx

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Awwww, hun, the flowers look so lovely now they have come out. Thanks again for being part of the day ;) xx