February 15, 2013

Friday Home : Valentines!

Happy Friday lovelies!

I just thought I would check in to show you a few pictures of our Valentines last night! We had a low key dinner at home which was so lovely and I decorated the table using these fab printable placemats that I downloaded free from The Pretty Blog. I didn't have any A3 card but they still turned out pretty well and added a bit of theming to the table! Love my newish pink placemats from Ikea too!

A Chi Chi Affair

A Chi Chi Affair

A Chi Chi Affair
Hope you had a Happy Valentines!

Rachie xo

2 lovely comments:

Victoria said...

aww - lovely!

Kimberly Hughes said...

So sweet! I spotted those placemats when I was in Ikea last week and I almost bought them - now seeing how cute they look, I should have!! xxx