January 30, 2013

Hear Muffs!

I occasionally get sent products over at A Chi Chi Affair and the lovely people at Three sent me these great Hear Muffs.

I love my normal ear muffs but I often talk to my friends and family on the commute and lifting up one ear muff to speak to them on my iPhone5 is slightly uncomfortable and I get cold ears. This has been especially apparent in the cold weather last week! However not any more as my new hear muffs mean I can chat to whoever I like and keep my ears cosy!  They are genius! Here is a pic of me wearing them - don't them look cute and it means I can keep my iPhone5 in my bag too? 

If you want a pair similar to mine you can get them from John Lewis here.

A Chi Chi Affair
Happy Wednesday!

Rachie xo

PS: This is a sponsored post but if I didn't think you would have been interested in the hear muffs I wouldn't have accepted them don't you worry!! :-)

5 lovely comments:

Victoria said...

They look good!

Adam & Rosie said...

Fantastic idea! If only it got cold enough here for me to have some!!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Fab idea, hun! You look great! xx

miss b said...

What a clever idea!

Rebecca@FlorenceFinds said...

Great idea! They look great on you Rachie!