November 29, 2012

New Website: One Fine Stay

I do love blogging about websites that interest me and last week I was sent some information about a holiday website called One Fine Stay.

The concept isn't new - basically instead of a hotel you stay in someones house when they are away. You benefit from cheaper rates and get to really experience the city you are staying in and the family that owns it gets a cut of what you pay.

However what is new is the standard of service. You book and pay through the website (just like booking a hotel) and you get a an iphone to use during your stay, free wifi as standard, local recommendations from the family that live there, white fluffy towels and toiletries from Kiehls or The White Company (that last bit makes me want to stay the most!!)  Also the houses and apartments on offer just look beautiful and although some of them are higher end in terms of price (and comfort!) I still found some amazing bargains.

For example this apartment in The East Village in NY for only $155 per night in January!  That is amazing value!  Oh and I love the decor - that brick wall - Swoon! I would so pretend I lived there!

One Fine Stay
And this one sleeping 2-3 in Greenwich Village in January in New York is only $250 per night! Very sleek and contemporary!

One Fine Stay

At the moment One Fine Stay only covers New York and London, however I'm sure that will change as its a really great concept.  It would be great for short city breaks if you are taking a baby, family holidays,  a hen night or just more flexibility than staying in a hotel!

Happy Thursday!

Rachie xo

PS: I received no incentive to write this post - I just really like the idea!

3 lovely comments:

Will - Dovcor Bathrooms said...

What an amazing idea! It certainly relies on people being trustworthy though.. I mean.. a home and an iphone! I wonder where all the people go that own the homes when they are booked.. unless you just put your home on for when you're on vacation etc! (thus paying for the holiday!!)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Isn't it great? I've not used them before but heard that they are great! :) x

Adam & Rosie said...

2 words... 40th Birthday!