November 21, 2012

A Peak at my Wedding Trailer.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today is a short post but I thought lots of you might like to take a sneak peak! Its my wedding video trailer by the amazing Reel Love Films! It brought back so many memories of the happy day. I just love it so much!

Hope you like it too!

Did you spot my friend Will from Bright Bazaar taking pictures! He is such a blogger! :-)

Rachie xo

6 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Guilty as charged! Well, you can't blame me getting the ol' camera out when I'm at such a beautiful wedding! xx

miss b said...

What a lovely video - so many natural
shots of people enjoying the day.
Beautiful wedding.

Teresa said...


I wanted to say "Great Video" but it is so much beyond that.

You CHOSE all very well, Rach. You LIVED all very well. You are LOVED by so many that it brought tears to my eyes... don't show this to Wills and Kate, they'll envy your Amazing Day.

I've said this before, but going to say it again "Your Husband is a keeper!!!"

He's so lovely and tender towards you and your big day. There's a part of the photoshoot that I really thought you had been caught snuggling in a corner ahahahah

And you know the loveliest and most elegant people. K&W should have invited your guests instead ahahahah

Couldn't find Will because I was mesmerised with your looks and happiness.

Great excuse to see it again.
Be Happy. Be Very Happy, Sweetie!

Who's doing the speech? Your dad?

Life, Loves...... said...

Rachie, Love the video... And LOVE your looked lovely....

Lauren said...

Stunning Rachie! I adore your colour scheme too - those stripes are perfection

Amanda said...

Rachie, this video is beautiful. I felt like I was watching a film on television of a celebrity wedding or something. Stunning... everything... you, the dress, the setting... love it! And love the parting shot of your hubby delicately carrying the back of your dress for you :)