October 24, 2012

Jamie Oliver Recipease Review.

It's no secret that I'm quite a fan of cooking and definitely a fan of eating (!) so when one of the girls at work told me they had booked a Jamie Oliver Cooking class I couldn't wait to give it a try.  I managed to rope in my good friend Will and our respective partners for a night out at Recipease in Notting Hill.

The concept is simple; cooking lessons for everyone and there are lots of classes to choose from. From pasta making to cooking the perfect steak, knife skills to Japanese food there really is something for everyone and there are even kids classes too. Prices range from around £40-£65 per lesson and last around 1hr 30mins.  After extensive perusing of the website we settled on Mexican Street Food and booked in for Friday at 7pm which made it a fun activity after work....

We arrived at the Recipease kitchen/shop in Notting Hill which is lovely inside and very rustic/trendy not unlike the Jamie's Italian restaurants. The cooking areas were arranged in a square shape in the middle of the room and the teacher/chef cooks in the middle of the square and there are work stations around the outside. After a class of wine and wearing lovely (!) aprons we set to work with Jimmy our brilliant chef/instructor showing us the first part of cooking our food which was how to prepare seafood for a ceviche. This included some good tips on shelling prawns, chopping tips for the salsa and preparing our chicken for the burrito. It was really engaging and we set to work preparing the first section of our dish. Jimmy was always around with any queries or to help so don't worry if you are a complete cooking novice (like the hubs!!)

A Chi Chi Affair

Half way through the class we were then called back to the chef who showed us how to prepare the second part of the burritos and how to make gorditas (fluffy tortilla type crisps.) I really liked the way you weren't watched over for the whole class and there was an element of cooking on your own at your own pace.  The  group environment also made it really fun and we all interacted whilst cooking.

At the end of the session we all settled down at the benches and ate our creations with (another!) glass of wine. I was really rather impressed with how it turned out and I'm confident that I could try this again at home. (They email you the recipe so you don't need to remember it!)  Even the hubs who isn't really into cooking enjoyed it much more than he thought he would and wants to go again!!

A Chi Chi Affair

After the class you are free to peruse the shop where they sell the full JME range as well as other items like kitchen equipment/artisan foods and you get 10% off your purchases. We couldn't resist picking up a few goodies. (Like a solid chocolate fish! See picture above)

All in all we had a really enjoyable relaxed time. It was so refreshing to pick up some new skills on a night out and also have fun and I would definitely go again. It would be ideal for a large group of friends, birthday celebration or hen night!

Do let me know if you have tried Recipease.

Rachie xo


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Victoria said...

Ahh - this looks fab!

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That really sounds and looks like fun!