October 12, 2012

Friday Home: Best Pumpkin Cookies

Autumn and Winter are always the months when I do the most baking, I think its because we always do the most entertaining in these months. This year we're hosting a Halloween/Fireworks party which is becoming somewhat of a tradition and for the second year running I'm cooking Christmas lunch! Because of this I'm going to be posting some seasonal recipes in the next couple of weeks that you can use if you have a house full of people this season.

First up are these pumpkin cookies which I'm definitely going to be keeping a tin of to pacify the little ones!  I haven't really cooked with pumpkin before, especially not the canned variety as it was traditionally hard to find in the UK. However you can now find it in my local supermarket which is fab news. I'm thinking if I'm liking the new Pumpkin spice lattes in Starbucks then I'm probably going to love these cookies.

Click over to food.com here for the full recipe. They look very easy to make...!


Happy Weekend!

Rachie xo

5 lovely comments:

Teresa said...

Happy Weekend to you too!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I would be intrigued to try these as I'm not the biggest pumpkin fan. They do look delicious, though!! xx

Life, Loves...... said...

One word....YUM

Life, Loves...... said...

Morning Rachie
I referenced you my post today. I hope this is ok?

greenthumb said...

Hi they sound and look good, don't think we had tined pumpkin in Australia.