September 17, 2012

Vintage Children's Farmers Market Birthday!

I love it when you stumble across new themes for birthdays and parties and I love this Vintage Farmers Market Party that I found on Hostess Blog. I reckon it would work for foodie adults (like me!) too. There are some super cute details like the plant a seed party favours (such a great idea!) and I love the gingham stationery which you can actually buy here. There are also some lovely ideas for food such as those watermelon jellies in the jam jars and the fun iced biscuits. I  adore how the games played at the party fit the theme such as a sack race and apple bobbing! It just looks so much fun!

Click over to Hostess Blog to see more pictures and the full write up!

Happy Monday!

Rachie xo

1 lovely comments:

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Why didn't my parents ever throw me a party like this when I was a child? I feel like I missed out on so much.