September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tales from the Week!

Autumn is well and truly here at A Chi Chi Affair - Did you see the rain today? It was awful! I need to start planning my holidays!!

Here's what I got up to this week!

We took a trip to Ikea to look at the new season's collections - we didn't really buy much apart from a cute herb pot holder - Pic coming soon! However I was very impressed with their stationery collections -  I love the black and white and brown paper wrapping and number tags and these cute pink notebooks. And how lovely are those honeycomb decorations which would be super cute for any party - don't you think?

A Chi Chi Affair

This week was also a week for seeing my sister - look at her big baby bump - only 9 weeks to go and she is looking fab! (We didn't match the stripes intentionally!!)   And it was a big week for shopping! All the posting on London fashion week inspired me to think about what i needed wanted for this season. I bought some cute winter boots -coming soon on the blog and I upgraded to the long awaited iphone 5! I am loving it so far....!

A Chi Chi Affair

Have a lovely week!
Rachie xo

2 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I love that you bought the iPhone 5! Also, how fab are the decorations at IKEA? The number chains look great. xx

Teresa said...

Autumn arrived here with a mean streak on Saturday but so far not so bad as I see in the news about UK. :scary:

I'm not sure IKEA has stationary in here... it didn't before. Need to go there and cjeck. Thank for the pic.

Love your me&sis picture. She looks healthy and cute and she makes a gorgeous mum to be; must be the good genes running in the family ahahah :hint. hint, hint: ;)

Thank you for the Tuesday Tales!