September 04, 2012

Tuesday Tales from the Week!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We started the weekend off in style celebrating at Salt Yard for the hubs birthday where we indulged in some amazing tapas.  We must have had about ten dishes in total (!) and ate everything from soft shelled crab to truffle macaroni cheese and ended the night with Churros, a fabulous cherry and almond cheesecake and then cocktails at The Charlottte Street Hotel. If you are looking for a restaurant in London and like your food then I would highly recommend Salt Yard.

A Chi Chi Affair

 On Saturday we ventured back to my parents place to catch up and meet up with some friends. I snapped a few pics of things I really liked such as the amazing display of wild flowers my mum had picked from the garden, the cute wrapping paper I had chosen for my husbands birthday, the gorgeous red velvet cake my best friend Laura made for a BBQ for another friends birthday. I loved the cute paper cups from Ikea at the soiree!

A Chi Chi Affair

Last but not least we caught up with my parents on Sunday with a lovely country walk through the rolling hills of the Cotswolds. We so enjoyed looking at the houses - some of them were so stunning!

A Chi Chi Affair

Hope you had a lovely week!

Rachie xo

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to J! Loving the look of your walk through the countryside - ahhh, I love the Cotswolds so much! xx