June 22, 2012

Friday Home: Coconut Almond Bars

Happy Friday everyone! We got there at last and I for one cant wait for two days of relaxation! In between printing, wrapping gifts for the wedding and catching up with a very good friend who has been in South America for six months! (Have missed you Katie!) I wholly intend to do some baking this weekend and these coconut almond bars that I found on Camille Styles look just delicious! 

Click on over to one of my fave blogs Camille Styles for the recipe here and also some fabulous life style inspiration!

Camille Styles

Happy Weekend!
Rachie xo

3 lovely comments:

Victoria said...

These look yummy! I attempted some raspberry shortbread with Fred yesterday but it didnt turn out very well! xx

Jenny @ BAKE said...

These bars look delicious!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

These look amazing! They're taking the mounds candy bar to a whole new level.