May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Menu and Drinks Tasting

So there seems to be so much happening at the moment I'm actually struggling to write Wedding Wednesday without giving too much away!  I had my gorgeous Kitchen Tea on the weekend (more on this soon!)  and also last week we had our drinks and menu tasting.

This is the dining room we will be having the meal in and this is also where we did the tasting which as you can see is such a gorgeous space.  It was a lovely experience and made me visualise much more what it will be like on our wedding day. Its such a bizarre experience to think that next time I sit in that space I will be married. :-)

First we got to choose and taste the pre-dinner cocktail for the ladies which was more difficult than it sounds as all three were so tasty and I'm a big cocktail fan so I wanted to get it right. Then we got to try the canapes which were presented so beautifully and then the starter, vegetarian starters, mains, vegetarian mains, and desserts. It was actually much more difficult than I thought it would be, partly because everything was lovely but also partly because it would be difficult to try and please everyone and I have all our guests dietary requirements and likes and dislikes stuck in my mind. 

We also tasted the wines and although we don't know much about wines - all six were very nice so it was a tough decision. We hope our guests like them!

This week I have a hair trial and I am having my first dress fitting so lots to write about next Wednesday Wednesday!

Rachie xo

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You big TEASE! So excited! :) xx