March 07, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Menswear nearly done!

Well we've had a productive few weeks with regards to groomswear. Remember this post when I talked about going for a fitting, well we managed to take the best man and the father of the groom (who was over from South Africa) to be measured last weekend.

We wanted to hire for the groomsmen and really struggled to find anything we liked. However I had heard good things about Austin Reed so we decided to pay them a  visit. Luckily they did a lovely navy suit with a dove grey waistcoat that we really liked so we got them measured up and we are done!!

H2B was always going to go for Reiss menswear as the suits there fit him like a glove. We had a fantastic appointment with the personal tailor (Henry Taylor) at the Regent Street Store and in the end he actually chose an off the peg number in a mid blue. He is going for a matching navy waistcoat! I am so happy with our choice - H2B is going to look so handsome!!

And I think the navy will look lovely against the coral bridesmaids, I'm going shopping with them this week too!

Rachie xo

3 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Can't wait to see the navy and coral combo, hun! xx

Victoria said...

Love it! Good work xx

Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} said...

Navy and coral sound a beautiful combination! :) xxx