March 30, 2012

Friday Home: Inspirational South African Cottage

There is something that I cant quite put into words about this cottage in Stellenbosch, South Africa that I found via The Pretty Blog. Its so beautifully rustic and although not my normal style, I really love all the details. H2B is South African so we have been there a few times and I think there is a very distinct south african style, very clean, quite minimalist with lots of earthy tones. Very stylish.

Look at the crisp whites of the bed, thats the look I am trying to go for. I love the drapes - they are so romantic and look at the patterns on the floor... They really break up the space and add interest.

The natural textures here are really striking and the mobile adds so much interest. I also love how ther perspex of the lamp clashes with the wood.

This is such a great room. Again I love all the natural textures! The flower pots lined up in a row looks very chic!

Do click over to The Pretty Blog to see the full report and more fantastic pictures!

Rachie xo

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Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oh my oh my, the bedroom is amazing, a pure dream!