November 09, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - More Bridesmaid Thoughts

Hi everyone!

I'm been having a few bridesmaid thoughts this week after seeing this dress that I liked in Monsoon. Its such a pretty colour and I like all the embellishment.

I'm still thinking Corals and Pinks for my maids. I love how these ones below are different but similar. They work so well together!



I love the colour palate of this one! I cant wait to start shopping for them!


More wedding thoughts next week!

Rachie xo

4 lovely comments:

Victoria said...

LOVE THEM - cant wait!

Helen Elliott said...

seeing as if I'm going to be one of the maids in question, this post is particularly lovely to read!

I'll be happy in whatever you choose for me Rocky and I cannot wait to wear it with pride as you get married!

Very exciting - cannot wait to see what we all end up in!

Helen xx

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

I love the coral and pink color palate! Gorgeous!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

The corals are really pretty. That was what I was going with until we hit quite a large snag. I was having the dresses made and lets just say things didn't work out with the seamstress. To get them to fit she was tugging the dresses down which made for a very very low neckline. Not the solution for sure. Anyhow - we had to make a quick run a few days before the wedding and pick out new dresses. I also had to get a new veil and headpiece 2 days before the wedding - the one the lady made looked like the candy dots you buy on the paper. I cannot believe she was supposed to be good at what she did. Luckily, everything came together, but boy was it stressful! Hopefully all of your details will come together without a hitch!