October 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - All about the flowers!

I know I have talked lots about flowers but I have been meeting a number of florists over the past few weeks so I thought I would share where I have got to!

I have narrowed down my favourite flowers and they are:

Garden Roses

All of these flowers are to be included in varying shades and colours!

I have been taking this flower moodboard to the florists.

A Chi Chi Affair

I especially love the black and white tied details and the fluffy hand tied shape. We are also thinking of including mini protea buttonholes for the men if we can get them!

Do you like the moodboard?

Rachie xo

PS: I've been guesting over at Florence Finds - Do take a look here!

13 lovely comments:

Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} said...

I am so in love with the black and white in combination with the soft colours of the flowers.


PS Thanks for the intro to Florence Finds - what a brilliant site!

kates said...

Hey Rachie,

Gorgeous moodboard! I particularly love the image of the bouquet in the centre of it.

I also love peonies - unfortunately they weren't in season for my wedding :-( But I had some David Austin roses in my bouquet which look a bit like them, so all was okay!!

Hydrangeas are also gorgeous - perfect for filling out bouquets and they look nice and fluffy!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Love the idea of the plinths with the foliage tumbling down the sides - so soft, organic and natural feeling. Great mood board, hun! xx

sarah{thegreendandelion} said...

oh wow, beautiful! i love what you've got go'in on!

Amanda said...

I love every flower you have mentioned :) Everything is going to be so beautiful on your special day with your lovely taste! x

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