August 16, 2011

Tuesday Tales from the Week!

Hi All

Well its been an eventful week here at A Chi Chi Affair HQ.  I feel like I haven't stopped! One of the main things occupying my thoughts is that I left my permanent job to become a freelancer so had a sad last day at the place I have worked for the last 9 years....  Here are the pics from my week!

First up I bought these cute postcards for my colleagues and wrote a note on each. Particularly loving the OMG one :-)

A Chi Chi Affair 

One of my friends brought in these yummy cupcakes for my last day! I love how they look like ice creams!

A Chi Chi Affair 

We are so lucky to have a neighbour who is a fruit and veg retailer and this weekend she brought round a huge crate of fruit and veg. Am trying out some veggie heavy recipes this week!

A| Chi Chi Affair

What happened in your week? Would love to hear

Rachie xo

5 lovely comments:

Meera @ firstsense said...

Sweetie, that is HUGE news! Congratulations on taking the step into freelance! How exciting! xx

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Those veggies look really good and I love the OMG card! So excited to catch up tonight! xo

Victoria said...

Those cakes look lovely!! Veggie soup anyone?! x

Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} said...

Wow, going freelance is a huge step! Congrats, hun, that's fantastic and I wish you the best best best of luck in your new adventure! xxx

NormalityandMe said...

Exciting! Good luck hon x Love the look of those cakes :)