August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Our Stationery

After what felt like a mammoth hunt for stationery I finally have a stationery designer on board that I am more than happy with!  Based in Johannesburg South Africa they are called Canvas Stationery Boutique and I found them through The Pretty Blog which is one of my fave wedding blogs.

The brief is a kind of speakeasy style with hints of modern thrown in and as soon as I emailed  this to Carike she was really enthusiastic about my ideas! We then had a hilarious skype call one Friday morning and she convinced me she is the lady that will interpret our ideas.

We're still in the draft stage so I can't show you anything yet but I promise I'll show you something soon! Too exciting!

Rachie xo

August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tales from the Week!

It's been a quiet week actually and what with starting a new job I've hardly have a moment to myself!  However I still had time to take a couple of pics for you so here are my Tuesday Tales. 

More food! This week I went to Comptoir Libanais and had this yummy meal which was a kind of lamb wrap.   I do love Lebanese food.

A Chi Chi Affair

On  the weekend we took the chance to go for a bit of a browse. I found this fabulous treasure trove shop called The Packhouse near Guildford. Here are a few things that took my eye.

A Chi Chi Affair 

Loving these stripy lamps! So chic with the glass base!

A Chi Chi Affair

I adore this bashed up old cupboard especially the blue colour! It was a bit out of my price range but I'm guessing you could DIY something similar!

A Chi Chi Affair

This was my fave piece in the shop as I haven't seen anything like it anywhere! I adore the pattern and it looks so chic in black and white!

A Chi Chi Affair

Have a lovely week all!

Rachie xo

August 29, 2011

Anglo American Party!

Kimberley from one of my fave blogs Getting it Swoon worthy emailed me a while back to get some ideas for a party to celebrate her living in the UK for 10 years. She wanted an Anglo American  theme as she had emigrated from USA to the UK but didn't want it to look like a 4th of July Party!

I had a big think about this and finally settled on a kind of vintage Americana meets vintage English country type theme.  Here are my ideas for decor and food and the mood boards I sent her to recreate this look. 

  • Flowers in old coke bottles (for the American side) dotted with flowers in English tea cups. 
  •   Red gingham table cloth or burlap   
  •   An English breakfast tea bag with a cute label attached as a name place or as a favour. 
  •   Wild country garden English flowers
  •   Peaches in jars or bowls as extra decor for the whole American southern look
  •   Vintage British and American flag  and either fabric alternated American and British flag alternated bunting or maybe just burlap bunting. 
  • You could even use hay bales to sit on which would go with the whole vintage look .

A Chi Chi Affair
Food Ideas!

  • American meets English food so coke bottles with little flags or root beer.
  • Old fashioned ginger beer, maybe home made old fashioned lemonade and of course tea.  
  • Cucumber finger sandwiches and scones and then mini burgers and cupcakes. 
  • Smores if you have a fire pit which would be a cute touch!

A Chi Chi Affair

And this is how the lovely Kimberley interpreted my ideas. I think she did such a great job!  I particularly love the poms, all the little flags, the amazing food, pumpkin pie, cupcakes, scones and the gingam bunting, Oh and the tablecloth!  It really works as a theme and shows you can achieve a pulled together party look with only a few details!

For more pics and Kimberley's write up of the party which is fab! Go on over to Getting it Swoon worthy.  Its such a good read!

And remember if you need any party styling ideas or moodboards then do email I would love to help!

Happy Monday

Rachie xo

August 26, 2011

Fabulous Friday Food: Apple chevre salad

When having a dinner party I always look for an easy starter! Something that is tasty and looks good but doesn't take ages to prepare.  Here is a great one that I will definitely try soon - Apple Chevre salad which is from the amazing Sweet Paul via Camille Styles. My friend Will from Bright Bazaar is also a contributor to Sweet Paul which makes it extra good in my book!

I love how this is presented as it definitely has the wow factor and there is something so sophisticated about it - Don't you think?

Sweet Paul

Hope you try this on the weekend if you're having friends over!

Rachie xo

August 25, 2011

DIY cute cup garland!

Honestly this is the cutest DIY project I have seen in ages!!   I found it over on the totally gorgeous Hey Gorgeous blog which you should definitely go over and have a look at as its so fabulous!!

Its super easy and so effective and I think particularly lovely for a baby shower.  You can alternate the colours with any patterns you like and can change it to fit the decor for your party. You could even use it in a nursery decor scheme or little ones bedroom.

For more pictures and the full how to, click  here and be sure to look around the rest of the Hey Gorgeous blog too.

Hope you love this too - What will you be using this for?

Rachie xo

August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - If the shoe fits!

I saw this picture on one of my fave blogs Bridal Musings this week and it got me thinking what kind of shoes I will have at my wedding. I love the detail on the bottom of these - I've seen a few people wear the cute blue I do stickers but I like the detail of the date of these -so much fun!

Bridal Musings

I also saw some really beautiful Jimmy Choos photographed by my photographer the fabulous Segurius Bruce  Photography this week. Jimmy Choos although gorgeous are normally a bit dainty for me but these are the nicest I have ever seen! I love the shape and bow detail

Segerius Bruce Photography via Love my Dress 

These ones could be my dream shoes - not sure if the cost is justifiable though!

Christian Louboutin via Pinterest

Oh and I do love a feather - and I do love the softness of these.


I have no doubt there will be much more shoe posts coming up over the next few months! Which are your favourite?

Rachie xo

August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tales from the Week!

Hi all

I've been trying to do much more cooking recently and these tacos were made for the H2B and I one week night! OMG they were yummy. Mexican food is absolutely my favourite and the guacamole was even homemade :-)

A Chi Chi Affair

It was my good friend Clare's wedding and it was such a lovely day and she looked amazing! I was lucky enough to take home one of the table centrepieces which included this funky mirror cube vase. Thank you Clare Bear! Love the colours too.

A Chi Chi Affair

Finally my lovely friend (and bridesmaid!) Laura made this gorgeous cake for my other friend Katie's birthday! How good does this cake look? And she used the cake topper that I posted here which made me love it (and her!) more!! :-)   I'll be posting the recipe for this delish chocolate cake over the next week or so, so stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday!
Rachie xo

August 22, 2011

Camping Baby Shower

Because of the totally rubbish weather we have been having of late (and all the A/W clothes in the shops!) my thoughts are turning to Autumn, and if you are planning a baby shower for your friend this Autumn then you will LOVE this!

There are so many great touches here, I love the foliage used and the muted tones, it creates a very rustic and stylish effect and the pine cone garland would be easy to make yourself.  I think this would also work well with a hessian tablecloth.

On to Baby via The Sweetest Occasion 

On to Baby via The Sweetest Occasion 

I'm also liking the old fashioned camping lanterns and the mismatched linens, they are really sweet.

On to Baby via The Sweetest Occasion 

Its the little details that get me here though - look at the little food flags - super sweet! I love the little sleeping bag. I also like the way the little mousses are presented with the brown string and the wooden spoons- they would be so easy to make in advance as well which is very useful!

On to Baby via The Sweetest Occasion 

On to Baby via The Sweetest Occasion 

On to Baby via The Sweetest Occasion 

Finally the cake is so cute and I love the stand! Such a great colour!

On to Baby via The Sweetest Occasion 

Hope you love this as much as me!  Click over to The Sweetest Occasion for more pics

Rachie xo

August 19, 2011

Fabulous Friday Food: Mini Milkshake Shooters

I adore this mini milkshake shooter recipe. I came across it on the fabulous Pizzazzerie styled by Hey Gorgeous events and knew I had to post it as I'm so all about making food look cute in an easy way! It would be utterly perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday or even just a pretty girls get together.

Click here to get the full recipe and how to, and some lovely extra pictures. Don't forget the stripy straws and sprinkles!

Happy Weekend :-)

Rachie xo

August 18, 2011

Free Baby Shower Printables

Do you know anyone that is having a baby ? My bestie is but sadly she is in Australia! I wish she was here though as I would definitely throw her a shower with these fab printables from Hostess with the Mostess blog.

You can download these in pink for girls and blue for boys or you could use them together. I love the way they are so graphic and fun! You could definitely throw such a gorgeous baby shower with these.  Click here to download the printable.

I love the way they have been styled with the wool in the picture below and the place names could actually be used for any event for a fun addition to your table.

Hope you have some fun with these!

Rachie xo

August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Favours

I was at one of my good friends weddings this weekend and they had some lovely biscuits as favours so I have been having a little think about what I would have as my wedding favours this week. I am finding it a difficult decision as there are so many choices. Here are some that I am loving so far.

These cinnamon buns in the vintage tins are so sweet and I love the idea you could recycle the tin when you get home and have them for breakfast the next day. It may be a bit of an effort making 85 though!!

Grey likes weddings

These matches look really elegant especially with the calligraphy and again I like the fact that guests can also take these home and re-use them.

Style me pretty

Another idea I like is these seed packets - Here they are used as escort cards. So sweet!

Once wed

What are you liking, something edible or something to take home? Do let me know!

Rachie xo

August 16, 2011

Tuesday Tales from the Week!

Hi All

Well its been an eventful week here at A Chi Chi Affair HQ.  I feel like I haven't stopped! One of the main things occupying my thoughts is that I left my permanent job to become a freelancer so had a sad last day at the place I have worked for the last 9 years....  Here are the pics from my week!

First up I bought these cute postcards for my colleagues and wrote a note on each. Particularly loving the OMG one :-)

A Chi Chi Affair 

One of my friends brought in these yummy cupcakes for my last day! I love how they look like ice creams!

A Chi Chi Affair 

We are so lucky to have a neighbour who is a fruit and veg retailer and this weekend she brought round a huge crate of fruit and veg. Am trying out some veggie heavy recipes this week!

A| Chi Chi Affair

What happened in your week? Would love to hear

Rachie xo

August 15, 2011

Modern Housewarming brunch!

I think this is the first house warming brunch I have featured and its so cute! The use of the graphic yellow and orange colours and the egg pattern is really clever as it really ties the whole theme together and is so fun. If you are moving house then this would be fantastic  for getting to know the new neighbours in your street! They would love you!!

I adore the idea of serving mimosas and the tags and the berries in the glasses elevate them to something special and are such a great touch. Its always the little details that count. The muffins on little sticks is such a great presentation idea for serving these at a party and props like the mixing bowl , whisk and eggs are an fun and easy way to incorporate your theme.  Don't forget if you are hosting a party like this you needn't buy lots of expensive items - try and use the things you already own!

Add caption

The favours are powdered doughnuts in little acrylic containers. Yum!  Who wouldn't want to go away with those?

Do go over and take a look at HTWM blog to see more pics and the write up - its definitely worth clicking over as there are some great ideas here.

Happy Monday
Rachie xo