July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Lovely Wedding Rings

My engagement ring is very similar to this one and I could not love it more, both for it's aesthetic value (because its absolutely beautiful|) but also because of what it means. Some days I gaze at it and can't believe it's mine and I get to marry the person that gave it to me. It's my absolute most treasured possession.


Its funny to think that as well as my gorgeous engagement ring I get to have a wedding ring too - too lucky!! And to be honest I haven't given much thought to having one.   However these quite simple bands have recently caught my eye. Now I'm not sure that I can actually have one of these as I think I have to have one that fits around the stone but I still think these ones are super pretty.  I love the initial ones and the hearts and the bottom one is such an interesting shape.

catbirdnyc.com via Pinterest

clay-pot.com via pinterest

Would so like to know what your dream wedding ring is like or if you already have one what you decided on?

Rachie xo

5 lovely comments:

Helen Elliott said...

The 'mistake' that my husband made was encouraging me to try on some of the more sparkely diamond rings whilst we were in Hatton Garden one afternoon. I always thought that i'd like a plain platinum band, but one I'd tried on the sparkely ones, there was no going back.

Gorgeous post - Its been almost a year since I got engaged and I still gaze adoringly at mine!

x x x

Meera @ firstsense said...

Such an important part of the planning! I too had originally thought I'd get a plain band but gazing at all the lovely rings changed that! There wasn't much choice in platinum though so I ended up having mine bespoke designed with a few sparklies, and the engagement rock sits neatly in the little dip - the picture may help to see what I mean!

Have fun choosing yours! xx

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

Your engagement ring is gorgeous! I feel the same way about mine, it's my most favorite and treasured possession. Mine is a single diamond, with two lined horizontally on either side. My wedding band was designed to match perfectly with the engagement ring....5 diamonds (the size of the smaller ones on the other ring) in a row. And both are platinum. Each of the small diamonds are only about .25 carat, but all together they pack a big punch! ;) And the smaller ones aren't as expensive as one BIG one!

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

Beautiful engagement ring and such a sweet shot of a on top of the cupcake! I love the idea of the initial rings! So cute. My engagement ring was my dream ring and I smile every time I look at it, not only for its beauty but the beautiful love story behind it. xo

sandra said...

Absolutely beautiful! wow! I am totally in love with the black diamond wedding rings. i followed your link to smitten... josh and i were at last night too!