July 04, 2011

African Safari 3rd Birthday Party

As some of you know my H2B is South African so this African safari party really touched a chord with me.  Its one of  my favourite parties on A Chi Chi Affair and I hope I'm able to do something similar if we are lucky enough to have some little ones one day!

I found this over on Kara's Party Ideas where you can go and see more pics here but it was designed by Daneve from Ah-Tissue. This is one seriously talented lady!

I love how some of these ideas can be easily replicated - like wrapping the hessian and black and white fabric around the jam jars for drinks, and those favour bags with the animal cookies. The way they are displayed using the wood frame and those little wooden pegs is so creative.

There are some more ideas to steal here like these cut out animals attached to the straws and I have to say that the table is just so well executed! I love the foliage indoors, the hessian, the cake.  In fact its all amazing!

The hanging number three signifies the age of the birthday boy and I adore the party sign!

I couldnt love this more -  Its such a gorgeous theme! Huge congratulations to Daneve for such a lovely party!

Happy Monday

Rachie xo

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Meera @ firstsense said...

LOVE this safari party theme, it is awesome! Really appeals to my African roots :)

Great find, sweetie!

Meera xx