June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Venue Searching in London Part 1

Once we had decided to have our wedding reception in London we started the hunt for our venue. Our first stop was The Zetter. This is somewhere that I frequented when I lived in that part of London with my bestie Rosie (Rosie is always once of my bridesmaids!) and I have always loved it. They do great cocktails! The Zetter is a very cool boutique hotel and we would have hired the acclaimed restaurant Bistro Bruno Loubet for the meal which has got great reviews and would have been such a treat for our guests.

The Zetter

The Zetter

They were very lovely at The Zetter and quite reasonable,  and the restaurant is such a stylish, light and airy space perfect for our summer wedding. However for us it was just a little small for our numbers and I wanted that flexibility to invite who we wanted. However if our numbers were less I would have seriously considered it especially now the very cool Zetter Townhouse has opened across the road.

Next up was Bluebird - the famous restaurant on The Kings Road. I liked the location and the menu and thought it would be a stylish place for a wedding.The events space is large and a nicely set up space and there are lots of flexibility in the menus too.

You and your wedding

However for us it was a little plain and corporate and as they wouldn't close the main restaurant we felt we would feel a little hemmed in and it would be very busy on a Saturday night.  It would be lovely for a meal or party but perhaps not quite "us" for our wedding. Two down, three to go!

Next week I'll be taking you through two other venues we looked at.

Rachie xo

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2 lovely comments:

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

the Zetter would have been a nice choice, I live near by and have always wanted to try it. Im sure you will find your perfect venue!

Meera @ firstsense said...

The Zetter looks so charming! Shame it was too small for you. Good luck with the venue hunt!