May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Cake is my priority

There is a lot of talk in this wedding lark about your priorities, rank your guests in order of priority?! Is that car a priority etc etc? I have therefore decided that one of my priorities is cake!

Now don't get me wrong I'm not going to blow the budget on an all singing all dancing cake extravaganza but I definitely want one. You see I like cake - It ranks up there with chocolate, and cocktails and  I even like Christmas cake with extra marzipan, I get my mum to make me one every year. Do you think I'm weird?

I really want to go for the classic tiered cake, different flavours for each layer but with a pretty twist. Here are some I love.

Peggy Porchen

Maki Cakes

But I'm thinking that I might have some cupcakes and perhaps mini cakes too..   Surely you cant have too much cake??!

Peggy Porchen

What does everyone think?
Rachie xo

6 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

The black polka dot ribbon is such a simple touch, but makes all the difference to that top cake - love it! P.S. RE: Christmas cake - not weird at all. I remember when my mum and I would make the Christmas cake in October and then feed it brandy up until the big day! xo

Victoria said...

You always did love cake the most. I think you and mum were the only ones who ate the christmas cake!

All these cakes look lovely though but I particularly like the frilly white one.


Maaike said...

to my taste you made the most perfect selection. I love them all; supersize and mini! A matching combination would look superpretty I think...
Love, Maaike

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

I think it's a great idea to have one fabulous tiered cake (love the 3rd pic) plus mini cakes or cupcakes. You can't go wrong with extra cake!

christine, just bella said...

ohmygosh, I want one of those cupcakes with the oreos on top! YUM.

Meera @ firstsense said...

Of course cake is a priority! (Huge cake lover speaking here)

These are very pretty, scrummy cakes. Like your idea of different flavours for each layer and little mini cakes are always popular too!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, sweetie!

Meera xx