February 03, 2011

Valentines day cards

If you haven't come across The Lisa Jones Studio you are totally missing out as they have some beautiful designs!

Her influences range from Scandinavian ceramics through to the bold textiles of the 1970s and the colourful neon kitsch of the 80s and they are so bold and lovely that I just had to feature them!

Check out their Valentines range. Arent they gorgeous? Best of all they are Uk based and ship all around the world! Whoop!

The Lisa Jones Studio

The Lisa Jones Studio

The Lisa Jones Studio

The Lisa Jones Studio

And I just had to feature this great print which is a perfect present (or gift to yourself!)

The Lisa Jones Studio

Happy Thursday

Rachie xo

8 lovely comments:

Adam & Rosie said...

Beautiful cards although I have to say they'd be wasted on Mr Read... he'd take a 10-second look at what I've written on the inside and then push it to one side... BOYS!!! If only he had the taste to choose one like this for me! xxx

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Such fab designs - scribbler do some great ones, too! xo

A Delightful Design said...

Wow! great style!

Lili said...

people seldom send out cards anymore (i know, sad) BUT these ones are just too cute!

christine, just bella said...

I love valentine's day cards. They're so sweet and cheery and remind me of the excitement you used to get getting all those cards in school!

Pinecone said...

This post makes me realize that I haven't even looked at Valentine cards yet! I have been prompted to get a move on!!

Lauren said...

These are absolutely adorable cards!

Ashley said...

these are soooooo cute! love your blog!!!