February 07, 2011

Super Creative wedding!

Hi All

I'm starting the week with this AMAZING wedding that I found via Rock and Roll bride which has some great inspiration so do take a look.  The images are by Tyrone Bradley who is clearly a fab photographer.

The styling in this stunning soiree is so unique and it just happens to be in my boyfriends home town of Durban in South Africa which is an incredibly beautiful place.

There is so much creativity here - I especially heart the venue which is just a unique space, and those views are incredible. I'm coveting the rug in the middle of the floor and the industrial lighting!



However its the details that stand out - from the cute heart buttonholes to the retro cars, the gingham napkins and the skinny ties on the boys - its just so gorgeous!




I also love the personal touches, those photos, the signs and the rustic flowers. Its all perfect!






Swoon!!!! - Hope this has cheered up your Monday!
Rachie xo

**Update** Tyrone (the fab photographer) just emailed me to say that Rob and Justine (the gorgeous bride and groom) bought all the decor from the SPCA so everything went to charity and to save animals lives. They then returned it all so it could be resold. Isn't that just so great? So happy to feature such lovely people ! xo

10 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

OK, so I'm scrolling through the photos, quickly falling in love with all the details and decor. Then, that story at the end, that just blew it out the water. What a touching, lovely story.

Thanks for sharing it with us, hun. xo

Kendra @ House of Ficek said...

This wedding SCREAMS romance! The details are impeccable.

Maaike said...

Really gorgeous indeed... so romantic! Have a great week,
love Maaike

Lili said...

i LOVE the light fixtures on that amazing space! and the chalkboard wall!

Kiki and Di said...

Wow, this wedding has some lovely details - especially that old blue Mercedes....Sigh! xK

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

What a romantic day! I love wedding posts...but they make me wish I could plan my wedding again (to my hubby, of course!)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I wish I had such beautiful photos from our weddsing. The photos we've got are all rather formal and traditional. I'd have loved some like this but had never really seen any when we got married.

Hmmmph!! ;-)


Justine said...

Hey! Thanks for featuring our wedding! What a special day. Also, check out our video too - http://vimeo.com/18661431

muchos love, Justine and Rob

Haylee said...

I just found your blog and am really enjoying reading and looking at all of your lovely posts. Your blog is super inspiring, I'm definitely a fan.

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