December 03, 2010

Fabulous Friday Food: Christmas cookies

Biscuits are super easy to make so if you haven't tried before then do give it a go! These Stained Glass Window cookies are especially christmassy as they contain boiled sweets which melt and harden to make a window in the centre of the biscuits.

There are many recipes on the web and this one I have found is by Annabel Karmel and as she specialises in children's recipes,  these are especially fun to make if you have a little one.   However they also look elegant enough for a drinks party too!

They would also look great hanging on the Christmas tree!

You can find the recipe here

I thought I would also add some of the best cookie cutter sets that I have found.  This nativity one from Cox and Cox is my absolute favourite - How much fun would it be to make this and display it in your house? It totally makes me smile every time I look at it! The camels are especially cool!

This gingerbread house cookie cutter also looks so pretty. Any one would be wowed by this!

And these ones are small but beautiful - perfect to keep in a Tupperware box over the festive period as a little extra to have with your tea when visitors drop by.

If you are looking for a basic biscuit recipe - I always use this one from BBC Good Food - they don't fail to work every time - Fool proof!
Happy Weekend All

Rachie xo

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