November 11, 2010

Sweetie tables!

Loving the new trend for sweetie tables at weddings - however, picky as I am I do think its hard to get them right and achieve a chic appearance, so I'm going to share with you some that I think are amazing and why…

Candy Colours by Amy Atlas

Amy Atlas can do no wrong in my book, she effortlessly blends style and colour with cute little details.
In this table, the mix of heights really work and note that she has used a range of containers to create an interesting display. I also love how she has stuck to the candy coloured palate and the bunting and stripy background really accentuate this.

2.  Chic and Modern by My Sorted Affair

Love the colour palate in this as those shades of yellow, black and white work really well together and look so chic and modern. Note the subtle black and white stripy theme in the lollipops is echoed in some of the ribbons tied around the jars (so effective!)  The beautiful labels really bring all this all together.
3. Rustic by Belle and Yankee

I seriously love this sweetie table, I think its the mix of natural materials like tin and wood in keeping with the barn theme of the wedding. It looks so stylish. I love the muted tones of the sweeties too. It just works and looks really great!
So my top tips for a lovely sweetie table would be

1. Try to keep within a colour palate ie all one colour, different shades of the same colour or candy brights , neutrals etc.

2. Vary the heights of the jars

3.  Keep it symmetrical

4. Always iron/press your linens - I've been caught out with this in the past and the photos still annoy me!

5. Think about your labels.

And don't forget sweetie tables don't have to be just for weddings, they also work well at baby showers, drinks events, children's parties.  How about a Christmas sweetie table instead of canapes for Christmas drinks...?

Rachie xo

5 lovely comments:

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Love your idea of having a Christmas sweetie table instead of canapes for Christmas drinks...mix it up a bit, I like it!

P.S. Those candy colours are d-ivine! xo

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

Love those!!! I'm dying to have a party now and do a sweetie table!!

christine, just bella said...

These are so, so pretty! I also love the idea of a sweetie table for Christmas and I love calling it a "sweetie table"!! That's new to me :)

Amanda said...

That first table looks amazing but I love the colours in the second. The tips you've shared are really great too, especially varying the heights which I think is really important visually.

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments! Have great weekends all xo