October 21, 2010

Cute styling ideas for your table...

I love hosting dinner parties, but one of the most fun things about it for me is decorating the table. I always try and think of a colour theme and use existing vases, tea light holders from around the house to decorate, and make sure I have some fresh flowers in.  Our table is however quite small and I'm looking forward to getting a bigger one so I can make more of a statement!

I go back to this book time and time again, My bestie Rosie had it when I went to visit her in Australia and I knew when I got home I had to get one for myself too...

Courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing via Amazon
  The best thing about this book is the styling ideas - not just centre pieces but also how to actually style the food. I've already done this antipasto plate (below) as a starter - its so easy and looks great.

Courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing
Old wine glasses of different heights and shapes make great vases. Group them together for a low tiered centre piece.

For a more formal meal make a places setting for each person using wooden pegs...

Courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing
After a BBQ or with seafood serve a finger bowl with a slice of lemon.

Egg cups make great vases for single blooms, group them together on a plate with a daisy or rose in each one, or put an egg cup in front of every place setting.

Courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing
Instead of cooking dessert, have some fun and serve DIY mocha. Give everyone a shot of espresso, a bowl of dark chocolate shavings, a cup of steamed milk and a spoon to they can add just the right amounts for their taste.

Give plain water a lift by delicately flavouring it - Place slices of green apple, mint leaves, or raspberries an hour before your guests are due to arrive so it will have just a hint of flavour.

Courtesy of Harper Collins Publishing
I hope I have given you some inspiring ideas.

Rachie xo

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

You sure have! Isn't donna hay brilliant? She writes a food feature in Livingetc every month, which I always look forward to reading.


Adam & Rosie said...

Wooo hoooo I got a mention - I feel very special now!!! We love Donna Hay too - she is guest judge on Masterchef out here & I always love to see how she critiques the contestants' plating up! xxx